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The company pays attention to product R & D and technological innovation, and regards quality as life. The company has established provincial enterprise technology center, provincial graduate workstation and engineering technology research center. The center has purchased R & D and testing equipment such as Huck rheometer, infrared spectrometer, meteorological chromatograph and tensile testing machine to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements. At the same time, the company also cooperated with Beijing University of chemical technology to establish a "Collaborative Innovation Research Center for advanced manufacturing technology of new materials" to carry out technical research and development in PVC molecular design, synthesis, blending, molding and terminal product performance, high-performance PVC drug packaging materials and environmental friendly smart card materials; Establish an industry university research cooperation base with Yangzhou University to carry out technical research and development in the green preparation of straw fiber / PVC Composites and functional polymer materials. Through the industry university research cooperation platform, the company will strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes and colleges and universities to develop product preparation technologies such as high surface performance, functional composites and environment-friendly materials, so as to continuously improve the technical innovation and comprehensive competitiveness of the company's products.